Sewing in Kingston Exhibit Catalog

Sewing in Kingston Exhibit Catalog
Sewing in Kingston Exhibit Catalog
Photo by Verofass Photography
Photo by Verofass Photography

Sewing in Kingston is a major exhibit accompanied by a range of programs showcasing more than a century of Kingston’s rich history of garment manufacturing and the immigrant communities, entrepreneurs, and women whose work made it possible.

The exhibit highlights the role of immigrants and women and connects local experiences to broader historical, cultural, and economic stories. With one of the most significant local history exhibits ever mounted in the region, Kingston’s newly renovated Reher Center Gallery reopened to the public.

Sewing in Kingston
Exhibit Catalog

Dimensions: 8.5" square
No. Pages: 40 + Cover
Presswork: 4-color throughout
Binding: Perfect

Curator: Dr. Sarah Gordon
Writers: Dr. Sarah Gordon, Dr. Sarah Litvin and Ward Mintz

Exhibition Design
DeNicola Design, Inc