Self Promotion

Ditto! Design! Fan Summer 2014


Well, hooray for you!! What a terrific mailer you sent. It reminded me of the fun, the attention to quality, and the results that such efforts bring. We certainly did our share of promotions like yours, and those efforts paid off. But then, that was "back in the day," and I am happy to see that such pieces are still being done. It does not surprise me at all that you are the one who did it. My gosh, what a time we had producing the great stuff that came out of The Whelan Design Office, and what fun it was and how rewarding it was. Because it was you, Richard, and all the other truly great designers around the country who used us, which provided the credentials for Heritage Press to produce at the high levels required by the designers. Oh, what a time it was. And I shall never forget the talented individuals that got us there (yourself included)

Once again, Richard, thank you for sending me the mailer (advertising pays, you know). I loved it.

My best to you,

Bob Downs