Designs to Commemorate Summer Outings

6945_ga-kta_ts_Artboard 1 - Fish
Promotion t-shirts for employee summer outings
6945_ga-kta_ts_Artboard 6 - Scribbles

Clients Gillis Architects and Karen Thomas Associates throw an annual joint summer outing for their employees and families. I’m proud to know Ralph and Karen from way back when, and every year I'm asked to design something to commemorate these events.

These are a few of my past designs

6945_ga-kta_ts_Artboard 8 - Rest
6945_ga-kta_ts_Artboard 4 - COVID
6945_ga-kta_ts_Artboard 9 - Headlights
Karen Thomas Associates 15th anniversary commemorative t-shirt
6945_ga-kta_ts_Artboard 3 - Vitruvius

In 2011 we printed this t-shirt, which displayed QR codes for each firm linked to their websites.


Ralph and Karen’s son Henry caused quite a commotion at the local farm stand as shoppers jostled to get a scan!