Country Lawnscapes


Adding Value by Design

Helping a landscape contractor grow his business

Shaun Stokes has been creating and maintaining stunning landscapes for over 30 years. Based in Stone Ridge NY, Country Lawnscapes provides an extensive range of landscaping services for a variety of clients, from home and property owners to builders and architects.

Shaun's extensive experience and love of nature shine through his landscape work. Actively hands-on, he works closely with clients to fully understand their vision and anticipate their needs. Shaun's creativity, knowledge, and the professionalism of his handpicked crews showcase the value he brings to every project, from initial consultation to completion.

The challenge

Country Lawnscapes has a prestigious reputation in Ulster County and the Mid-Hudson area. Business is growing, but he faces challenges from other landscape businesses in the region who compete fiercely on price.

Historically, Shaun has found much of his work through word-of-mouth referrals. Now he wants to reach a new, more affluent clientele moving into the area, and attract the larger-scale projects he prefers for his business.

Shaun wanted a new look and feel for his brand and online presence that accurately reflects his business as a leading landscaping contractor in the area, and distinguishes Country Lawnscapes from its competitors.

Designing a distinctive logo


We collaborated with Shaun on a new brand identity that elevates his business from other landscape contractors. We adopted "Live in harmony with nature" as the inspiration for our design, a value woven into the heart of Shaun's holistic approach.

This is reflected in the new logo, which represents the successful integration between nature and the structures and features he creates. The identity design is impactful and instantly recognizable to his clientele.

Finding the right tone

The new site makes a strong impression that inspires clients with the potential of transforming their land, and authentically conveys Shaun's love of nature and family.

Images capture the perfect tone, highlighting the beauty, function and scale of his projects. Alongside this, refreshed copy clearly presents his philosophy, his approach and work ethic, and the services he offers.

Meeting the brief

With this project, we have presented Shaun as an expert who's down to earth and approachable but is also a visionary with the capability and resources to transform any outdoor space. The new brand identity and voice are authentic to his core services and approach and now opens his appeal to a wider potential market without disconnecting from his existing clients.


Change is fuel for growth and possibility.