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Authenticity is Indispensable to Your Success

It takes courage to stand out in business. But with so much competition vying for your market share, your customers and potential customers need to understand clearly who you are and what makes you the best choice for them.

Your brand’s purpose is to grow and maintain loyalty with your audience. If you successfully build a consistent connection, your faithful customers will boost your marketing strategy by spreading the good word about you and your product or service.

So, how do you build that trust? Be yourself.

Your customers are sophisticated. They want more than a transaction. They look for a connection to your brand that aligns with their views and beliefs.

It’s not sufficient to say you’re an expert over and over. In isolation, this quickly loses meaning and can sound disingenuous. Instead, to build trust and loyalty, you must consistently show people who you are – in your actions, words, and behavior.

It’s a classic case of “show, don’t tell.”

When we design or refresh a brand for our clients, we’re just as interested in who they are as much as their brand aspirations. We’re looking for moments of human connection from which a brand story will flourish.

A photographer takes a portrait of a man leaning on a fence.

Photo by Rick Whelan

One of my favorite examples of this is the brand refresh we recently completed for Shaun Stokes, owner of Country Lawnscapes.

In our brand audit, we explored Shaun’s story and aspirations for the business in detail. We approached his customers to tell us in their words what made him special. And the photoshoot perfectly captured Shaun’s love for nature and family.

We translated this into a brand identity that highlights more than the services of a landscape contractor. It marries the experience and expertise of Shaun’s business with the story of a man with a genuine passion for nature and the environment. Something his audience can easily connect with.

It may seem like a bold step, but don’t hide who you are behind your product or service. If your business is due for a refresh, then take this opportunity to share your story. Be genuine in your enthusiasm for your work, and only promise what you can deliver.

It’s this honesty and courage that can build your business a loyal following.

A father wearing a red shirt holds his son's hand for a nature walk through the woods.

Photo by Franco Vogt

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