Sponsorship – A Small Community Gesture That Makes a Difference

Many of us are feeling the financial pinch at the moment. And if you’re a business trying to build brand awareness, expensive campaigns are a gamble. 

Sometimes it makes sense to look closer to home and see what you can do within your local community. They’re practical, relatively inexpensive, and seen by potential customers, even if it’s not in huge numbers. 

I’ll give you an example. Ditto! Design! once sponsored a local girls’ softball team for a few seasons. It was a low-cost venture that was a lot of fun. 

It was tremendously warming to see our names on the uniforms and hear the team and fans scream “Ditto!” every week. And, of course, everyone there knew our name without getting a sales pitch. (I’m sure there’s a pun around pitching I should be using here)

It was a nice example of reciprocity – we benefitted from a bit of brand exposure every summer, and the team benefitted from the new uniforms. And the plaque we received at the end of each season was the cherry on top. 

So, it’s always worth considering sponsoring a local performance, sports team, or charity event. Because building your brand is about making relationships as well as visibility.

Ditto! Design! Softball Team Sponsorship Plaque


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