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5 Reasons People Won’t Give Your Website a Second Look.

It’s a common belief that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. This adage applies to your online presence, too. A dated or poorly designed website is, at best, forgettable, so it’s worth taking a fresh look periodically to see where you can improve the customer experience.

To get you started, here are a few pointers on why visitors may turn off when they click on your site.

Uninspiring Images
If the visual appeal of your website is less than appealing, you’re missing an opportunity to create a memorable connection with the user before you even meet.

Quality images for your site that support your business’s mission, vision, and values will grab your customer’s attention and create a lasting impression. Periodically swapping out images can keep your site looking fresh, particularly on your landing page. 

Page Clutter
We instinctively try to create meaning from what we see. So, if a webpage looks overly busy, it becomes distracting and pulls attention from the message we want to convey.

A website should be easy to understand, clear to follow, and have a strong visual appeal. A coordinated approach that considers symmetry and white space improves readability and accessibility for the user and naturally draws the eye through your site (ideally to a call to action and contact information).

Bloated Copy
Attention spans are short, so think specific. Find a good balance between the words and the images, with just enough information to satisfy the essential points you want to make in an engaging manner.

Nowadays, there’s no expectation from your audience to have all the detail upfront. If your customer wants to know more, you’ve created an opportunity for a conversation and, potentially, a sale.

Tricky Navigation
Clarity and simplicity are fundamental to a good website. Not just in terms of what you say but how users can find their way around. There should be a logic to your layouts which you apply consistently throughout your site. 

If your site has too many pages (another potential sign of copy bloat) consider what’s necessary and if they could be grouped more effectively to ensure users make the fewest mouse clicks to their destination. 

Forgetting Function
As I mentioned earlier, attention is a limited resource. So, always consider the user experience. People don’t appreciate slow-loading websites. Nor do they expect to find links to broken pages. Make sure there’s a practical purpose to your pages. Include a call to action, and make sure your contact details are easy to find.

If this seems overwhelming, an easy visual to have in mind is to think of your site as a store. You want to entice your customers inside and make their experience pleasurable enough to come back, even if they’re not buying today.

And, of course, speaking to someone with online brand and design expertise for advice and support is always beneficial.

If your website needs a fresh take to appeal to your customers, get in touch, and let’s talk!


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