featured_tdbits_trh_qr-code“Thinking of new ways to broaden your client base can be a real challenge…early-adapter, tech-savvy people never seemed to be a big part of my client base, but without trying anything different, I’d never know if it was how I was trying to reach them, or that inherently, there was just no interest in what I did.

Your suggesting a QR code magnet for the back of my new business vehicle was just the right-sized experiment in new ways to reach new people. Got a call last week from someone who ‘scanned me’, liked what they saw; we met Saturday and now I am on retainer, as their decorator! How cool is that?!?

Your light, but clever, and very focused touch on my marketing materials continues to make a great first impression. Thanks to you, The Refreshed Home is a consistent brand that stands out in peoples’ minds, in exactly the way I want it to. You’re the best!”

Marie Graham
The Refreshed Home