On My Bookshelf: Scramble, Marty Neumeier

If you’re looking for an entertaining and informative read, why not try a business book with a twist in its tale?

Scramble is a business thriller by brand guru Marty Neumeier. The story follows the trials of David Stone, CEO of a struggling international hotel chain, who has just five weeks to present a viable turnaround plan to the board or lose everything.

As we race to the conclusion, we’re introduced to the principles of strategy, brand building, and design thinking. The use of story to explore these concepts is a clever idea that effortlessly engages the reader, and as far as I’m aware, is rarely used in business books.

Scramble is a fun page-turner, full of helpful lessons, and rounds off with a short reference guide to Agile strategy – the collaborative and iterative processes used in the story to evaluate and improve the efficiency and value of the business.

I heartily recommend this book as an introduction to broader subject areas. Although I can’t promise your reading list will be quite so enjoyable!



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