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The Kingston Midtown Arts District (MAD) is a coalition of artists, businesses, residents, the City of Kingston, and organizations and groups serving Midtown.

MAD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed to help Midtown Kingston develop and revitalize its arts district.

MAD is the heart of Midtown at the axis of Broadway, Cornell Street and Greenkill Avenue.

MAD is strengthening our local economy in nearly 200 arts and crafts workrooms, manufacturing sites, showrooms, studios, galleries, video and recording facilities, performance spaces, nonprofit arts programs and artist live/work lofts.

People are mad about MAD

What is branding anyway? Ditto! Design! Principal Rick Whelan, who developed the brand image for the recently-launched Midtown Arts District, explained the thinking behind MAD’s look. “A brand seeks to create and emphasize positive impressions,” said Whelan. “The process of developing the brand image starts by considering your audiences and how they see you.”

Whelan looked at the expectations of each of the new Arts District’s central audiences. “Businesses want a professional look. Artists respond to creative expression and friendliness appeals to neighborhood residents,” Whelan said. “We developed a brand image that incorporates these impressions to serve as a foundation for branding the Arts District.”  Grey communicates professionalism, while orange generates excitement and creative energy. A simple, clean typeface is welcoming.

A catchy acronym can also be a good tool. People tend to shorten a name, and an acronym shortens it for them in a way that works for the brand. “The overwhelming response has been that people are mad about MAD – it’s memorable, energetic and fun,” said Whelan.

Kingston Times
October 22, 2016

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