How QR Codes Can Drive New Customers to Your Business


One significant benefit of using QR codes in your marketing strategy is the ability to encourage interaction with your business anywhere you want. All you need is an appropriate surface and you’re good to go. 

I’ll let Marie Graham, from The Refreshed Home, explain:

Thinking of new ways to broaden your client base can be a real challenge, but without trying anything different I’d never know if it was how I was trying to reach them, or that inherently, there was just no interest in what I did.

Suggesting a QR code magnet for the back of my business vehicle was just the right-sized experiment to reach new people. Got a call last week from someone who scanned me, and liked what they saw; we met Saturday and now I am on retainer as their decorator! How cool is that?!?

Your light, clever, and very focused touch on my marketing materials continues to make a great first impression. Thanks to you, The Refreshed Home is a consistent brand that stands out in peoples’ minds, in exactly the way I want it to. You’re the best!

Marie Graham
The Refreshed Home


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