Everybody Deserves Great Design

Design is communication

I talk a lot about brand identity design, and I’d understand if you think it only applies to corporations and big-name brands. But in truth, great design is for everybody – because design is about communication.

Whatever your business’s size or financial situation, great design will help you establish and distinguish who you are and create a positive and lasting impression on your audience.

Design is a verb 

Design is a process of understanding and translating your brand’s vision, mission, and values (in whole or in part) into a visual language that connects with your target market and builds trust. 

An experienced identity designer can help you consider your project within the broader context of your brand. Through discussion and discovery, they endeavor to help you reveal and realize the potential within your brand so your audience can easily see why you should be their choice.

For example, let’s say the identity designer is creating a website for a hospital. They will suggest using the same color, font, and design choices in their signage to help people orient themselves in the physical building and create a seamless continuity and sense of reassurance for their patients. And they will likely create guidelines to ensure all marketing communications have a consistent look and voice.

Design is for everyone

When I left big identity design firms and marketing agencies, I had years of experience interpreting and translating client objectives into successful projects and lasting relationships. I wanted everyone to be able to access the benefits of great design (and, of course, I still do).

I knew individuals, nonprofits, and smaller businesses lacked larger organizations’ financial resources and appropriate design options. And I knew the guidance of a brand expert could provide cost-effective solutions to help them realize their goals.

This was (and is) my vision – bringing big agency experience to build relationships and help them understand and realize their brand’s potential.

Which, of course, all comes down to intention and communication. You might say – by design.

Till next time, this is Rick signing off.



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Howdy! I’m Rick, a brand expert and seasoned graphic designer in NY’s Hudson Valley. For more than 40 years I’ve been creating remarkable brand solutions for individuals, companies and nonprofits here and beyond.

I want people to understand why brand is essential to their business, share a few personal experiences, and explore what goes into a good (or bad) design.