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Everybody Deserves Great Design

I talk a lot about brand identity design, and I’d understand if you think it only applies to corporations and big-name brands. But in truth, great design is for everybody – because design is about communication.

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Water drops create ripples at sunset

The Ripple Effect

A strong visual identity and a good marketing campaign will do a lot to grab the attention of the audience you want to reach. But what turns a one-time buyer of your product or service into a loyal customer?

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I Believe in Magic

How Thinking Left and Right Creates Better Design Results

I’ve been a graphic designer all my career. But that wasn’t the path I expected to take when growing up.  My father was an automotive engineer at General Motors, working…

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A mime covering their eyes

Site Unseen

It’s a common belief that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. This adage applies to your online presence, too. A dated or poorly designed website is, at best, forgettable, so it’s worth taking a fresh look periodically to see where you can improve the customer experience.

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The Genuine Article –
Authenticity is Indispensable to Your Success

It takes courage to stand out in business. But with so much competition vying for your market share, your customers and potential customers need to understand clearly who you are…

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Ditto Design 5 Star Service

Build Your Brand and Boost Your Business

It’s a safe assumption that every business wants to be successful. Of course, what that means is down to your interpretation. It could be higher profits, increased market share, or…

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Sponsorship – A Small Community Gesture That Makes a Difference

Many of us are feeling the financial pinch at the moment. And if you’re a business trying to build brand awareness, expensive campaigns are a gamble.  Sometimes it makes sense…

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Refreshed, Rebranded, Revitalized

How Businesses Attract and Maintain Their Market Appeal In my post Brand 101–On Brand (and Identity, and Branding), I make the point that your brand represents your relationship with your…

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The Power of Color

Color creates an immediate, instinctive connection in our minds. It speaks to our likes and dislikes, the products we buy and the brands we follow, our patriotic commitment, and our…

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On My Bookshelf: Scramble, Marty Neumeier

If you’re looking for an entertaining and informative read, why not try a business book with a twist in its tale? Scramble is a business thriller by brand guru Marty…

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QR Codes: Connect with Your Audience Wherever They Are

Have you noticed? Little boxes of static are suddenly everywhere. You see them in store windows, on restaurant receipts, in magazine ads. They are on food packaging, flyers, and even…

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Howdy! I’m Rick, a brand expert and seasoned graphic designer in NY’s Hudson Valley. For more than 40 years I’ve been creating remarkable brand solutions for individuals, companies and nonprofits here and beyond.

I want people to understand why brand is essential to their business, share a few personal experiences, and explore what goes into a good (or bad) design.