Recently our daughter Rosie applied to and was accepted by the University of New Haven for Fall 2010. As a designer I appreciated the visual and verbal consistency among the various communications she received ever since she expressed interest in UNH. The branding spoke to me: UNH will provide opportunities for success and you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Last weekend my wife and I took Rosie to UNH for early course registration and academic orientation. On campus the consistency continued—on signage, handouts, Power Point presentations, etc.

However, it was the tone and manner of the students and staff that completed the UNH branding—it was a consistent with all the stuff. Rather, the stuff is consistent with the genuine enthusiasm we experienced from the parking lot attendants, to the greeters at the hall, to the admissions staff, to the student volunteers. Their message is consistent: UNH wants to help Rosie to get a job after graduation and to have a good time during her four years there.

Gee, even I want to attend UNH!

I suspect many colleges and universities have what I’ll call 360 branding, but UNH is a striking example that out-shines my experiences with major corporations for which I’ve done design work.

Bravo, UNH!