I found this article on Mohawk Makeready, a service (blog) of Mohawk Fine Papers. I never gave up on direct mail.

mailbox2,904. That is the number of marketing messages we are exposed to each day, 52 of which capture our attention and just 4 of which we actually remember.

Those numbers may seem mind boggling, but think about the activities that fill your day and it’s easy to see how the overexposure takes shape.

On average, 27 personal emails make their way into your inbox each day, with many more hitting your professional account. Meanwhile, the average household receives just 3 pieces of physical mail a day.

It’s not difficult to see which medium has a better chance of cutting through the clutter. The next time you or your client needs to ensure a message is seen, consider creating a (printed) direct mail piece. Here are 3 reasons why direct mail works, especially in today’s e-everything world:

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